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Photo Joe - a slang term developed around WWII for a War Correspondent, Reconnaisance Pilot or even a regular Pressman.  The term was made in comparison to that of G.I. Joe relating to the General Infantry Man.


Welcome to the Photo Joe Club, a growing world-wide resource to help Photographers get more out of their vintage camera and share and promote their own photography taken at various reenactment events.

We aim to help re-enactors find and use a camera in keeping with the period they are portraying.  The Photo Joe Club specialises in photography and cameras ranging from 1914-1990.  This covers the periods from WWI all the way to Korea, Vietnam and the Falklands Conflict to the end of the Cold War.  However, we find that most interest is in the WWII era.

Some re-enactors will still want to use digital equipment and we also accept digital images in our gallery as long as they adhere to these guidelines.

Whilst you are here, why don't you sign up to become a member (its totally free) and share either your genuine or re-enactment WWI, WWII and Cold War era photographs in the Photo Gallery.

Please take time to comment and share your thoughts on other members photos, and develop a real sense of comraderie with your fellow Photo Joes.  You may use the gallery to promote your photography, so do post a link to your portfolio when posting a photo.

You can relax in the lounge (our forum) and discuss vintage cameras, vintage style photography and analogue photography with other like-minded enthusiasts.  If you are new to film photography, don't be shy, we all had to start somewhere and you will be made most welcome.

This is a learning opportunity for us.  We can't claim to know everything about every vintage camera ever made, so we invite you to write an article for our blog (with up to 3 pictures).  You will be credited for the article and a link placed to your blog/website if desired.

We will be featuring a Star Photo on our Home Page.  This can either be a genuine picture of the era or a modern film photograph representing these time periods (reenactments, hangar dances, etc.).  Please CLICK HERE for submission guidelines then drop us an email at to submit a photo.


 Star Photo


Jack & His MG (probably taken the afternoon of the outbreak of WW2, Sunday Sept. 3, 1939.  Please see blog for more information)


Finally, if you are a  re-enactor (or just a regular visitor to these events) using purely digital photography and this site has gotten you to think about digging out that old film camera in the attic, then we will have achieved half our goal.

Don't forget to click on the Old Time Radio widget to your left (updated daily with a new show) for great entertainment and getting In the Mood during your visit here at the Photo Joe Club.  Enjoy!